Terms & Conditions

Hey Guroo App User License

Students has to register and pay the app subscription Fee to access free classes after the trial period. This payment option will be enabled when the beta testing is over.

Terms & Conditions and User License of  Hey Guroo App:

• This is the Official & Authorised app for Swami Paramarthananda’s discourses(audio library).

• There are different web sites in which the audio recordings of many talks of Swami Paramarthananda’s are illegally available.

• Audio CDs and Books sold by our organization is for single user license only, avoid posting the same in internet or any such activity.

Copyright Warning Notices:

Copyright © 1996 - 2024. Yogamalika(Mantra from 2001) holds the right to stream the digital content since 1996.

• We wish to inform that all those web sites carry the audio recordings & books of Swami Paramarthananda’s in violation of all norms of Intellectual Property. We request all such websites, Channels and promoters/students of such activities to remove the content from their respective website/channels with immediate effect and avoid any such activities in future. 

• Violating copyright is a serious offense and is punishable. If students are found engaging in this activity, we shall terminate their access to our e-Learning program. We request the students to support this and also bring to our notice at mantraglobus@gmail.com.

• We take Security vulnerabilities , Copyright Violation  and user privacy very seriously. We appreciate your help in keeping our site safe and our copyright protected. Please report to the Admin amdorai@gmail.com and quote your subject of request.